Visual diary — Kuala Lumpur
Landing, huge airport, walk, ask in the counter, answer not very friendly, 80% of women wearing a hijab, take the bus to the city, 50 minutes, KLcentral, try to take the train, to complicated, ask for a cab, try to rob us, ask for an uber, drive in the confusing streets of KL, 30 minutes, arrive, our hotel : nice but far away from everything, walk the area, complications to find something to eat, go to city center, big tourist market, buy shitty glasses, walk, buy yezees bro, find our way to the Petronas, eat western food, have a drink, go up, $20 dollars, enjoy the view for 15 minutes, go down, find Heli bar, our oasis, great view, cheap drinks, change hotel, more centric, fruit juice, lunch : indian, uber, Batu Caves, Justin Bieber, criminal monkeys, big buddha, back to KL, night walk, find speakeasy, great cocktails, wake up, go to airport, 50 minutes, check in, tears, in the plane, goodbye Kuala Lumpur.



  1. Dear Cobalt State,

    Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring and I love following your adventures ! Well done, your website is vraiment trop géniale.

    Besos to both of you,

    1. Merci Maman ! Des nouvelles photos et des nouveaux articles très bientôt. Ils sont en préparation pour le moment !

  2. That’s a breathtaking view of the Petronas towers. I must say I love the angle from which it was taken and the lighting of the picture is captivating to say the least. The photo almost looks like something you would see in a Batman or a film Noir movie. Very odd and absorbing at ones. Safe travels Basi

    ~ danny

    1. Thanks Danny! I was so happy to read your comment! We are glad you appreciate the photos, I also like a lot the ones of the Petronas is really cool place to visit. Thanks for your good wishes Danny and I hope we see each other soon. 🙂

  3. Hola Basi!
    Felicidades por las fotos y narrativas de sus viajes, excelentes ambas.
    Admiro a las personas que realizan sus sueños sin excusas.

    Ya no vendes nueces?, te acuerdas? Que sorpresa me diste!!!!

    1. Muchas gracias Pepe, nos pone contentos saber que te gusta! Por el momento estoy retirado del negocio de las nueces, pero estuvo muy chistoso encontrarnos así esa vez! saludos igualmente.

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