Visual diary — Surin

During April we were in Thailand and had the chance to experience the Thai new year, living the Songkran festival, the water party. It is celebrated with the biggest water fight ever, all the city prepares buying water guns and filling up buckets to engage in a splashing spree, everybody against everybody, this, during 3 days in a row. We have no photos of the event as we didn’t had the proper anti water equipment to take our cameras to the fight.

While Songkran was celebrated, we stayed with the family of our friend Wee, who hosted us for the days of the party. This are some of the moments we lived there, between the amazing kitchen of her grandma and aunts, kick boxing fights and collecting crabs from the fields behind the house.

This article is dedicated to all of them, for opening their house and hearts for us and letting us live the best Thai experience one can ask for. Thanks.




    1. Gracias Emma! Siempre que vamos a un lugar nuevo, aunque esté hermoso el paisaje, siempre al final nos vamos con la idea que lo mas bonito es la gente que conocemos. besos!

    1. It was the same for Basi. He wanted to see a fight of kickboxing since the first day in Thailand and finally at the end of our trip there we saw one just with locals. That is crazy to see how they start young, around 7 or 8 years old. Thanks for your comment, besos 🙂

    1. Ça fait plaisir si ça te plaît. Oui on a essayé de changé un peu et s’essayer au portrait. Moins de textes et plus centré sur l’image. Y’aura quelques articles comme ça par la suite 🙂 Bisous

  1. Que felicidad se ve en los rostros de la gente !! Que es lo que tienen cangrejos ?? Quiero ir
    Aparte muy buenas fotos las flores esas están en el jardín etno botánico de Oaxaca. Besos

    1. Asi viven, es increíble ver como en Tailandia todos están contentos y sonrientes. Si los cangrejos esos no son del mar, los sacan de abajo de la tierra en algunos campos de arroz o desiertos. Luego se hierven y se comen

  2. Voyage formidable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Un grand moment. Extrêmement marquant émotionnellement, culturellement et du point de vue des relations avec les gens. J’espère avoir l’occasion de visiter tous les pays asean du Sud – est. En tout cas ton article me donne envie de la visiter. Bonne journée!

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