Luang Prabang — Visual diary
At six hours bus from Vang Vieng, road curvy as hell. Arrival, the sun trying to melt everything under it, beautiful houses made of wood, full of temples, monks walking the streets, 2 rivers surrounding this part of the city, to form almost an island, Mekong to the West, Nam Khan to the east. Vegetation everywhere, exotic plants with big leaves. Afternoon walking, warm, shop of Mr. Som, Lao-Lao Whisky infusioned in poisonous cobras, scorpions and centipedes. Night market, not so good dinner, buy local stuff, pants, bags, opium pipe, souvenirs. Eat noodle soup, our favourite in all our Asia trip, moisturizing and hydrating, handmade and fresh. Find a beer and a coffee. Sunset in Phu Si. Phone call. Change of plans. Luang Prabang’s airport. Plane to France. Bye Bye Asia.





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