A weekend in Les Gorges du Verdon

When we think about it, that weekend makes us really happy. Happy because it was beautiful. As simple as that.

One year ago we all met far away from our respective countries. We met in New Zealand and lived together in a hostel during a few months, developing a strong bound.
One year after, in july, a big part of us were in France at the same time. We decided to organize a few days in Les Gorges du Verdon, South of France. We kept it simple and easy : a crew of friends in a camping trip, saucisson and beers, Chartreuse, coffee and camembert, hike and swim, talk, laugh and sharing memories.

With all the action of a camping weekend, the part we had preferred was to feel the traveler and adventure’s mood of the group was still strong. Listened to the crazy projects of each one. As a family where no jugements are admitted. Where everybody speaks free and feeds about the spirit of the others. Making so passionate talks, far away of the normal preoccupations and the social conditioning.

To much love for all them.
Thank you to all of you, guys, even the ones who couldn’t make it this time. We spent a wonderful weekend. It will be amazing to convert this into a nice tradition.

Merci les amis. <3







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