A surf town in Morocco — Sidi Kaouki

We came to know about this place by the rumors, the rumors on the streets about a surfer’s paradise located 25 kilometers south from Essaouira. We confirmed the whispers with a girl of a local surf shop, very kindly she gave us all the details to make our way down to Sidi Kaouki, a little village spread along an extended beach, where perfect conditions gather to create optimal surf conditions.

We arrived there, taking a local bus out of the city walls of the medina. The bus was full with locals, on their way south, and a few other visitors, looking for the mythical beach. After 40 minutes, with several stops at the middle of nowhere to let people go down and welcome some others in the bus, we finally arrived to the tiny place and started to walk straight away to find a surf stand for the rental of the equipment.

We got quickly inside our swimsuits, grabbed our boards and ran into the ocean. We spent the following hours inside the water, enjoying the friendly waves of that sunny day. After our session, starving, we decided to walk to the other side of the town to look for a place to eat finger food. We found the one, where we ordered french fries and a couple of freshly squeezed orange juice.

For our return to Essaouira, we were a little worried because the last bus to go back left without us. Rapidly, we learned that some of the locals offered their car as a taxi, to give ride to people and to make some extra money for them. We took one of those, transporting the driver, the copilot, the two of us, two other people and two goats for the day of l’Aïd-el-kébir, an important muslim celebration. The ride was exotic, and the guys offering it were two cool locals that owned a restaurant back in Sidi Kaouki. When we arrived to Essaouira, we said goodbye to the guys in the car, they friendly and politely wished us a happy celebration and drove away.

This is a little piece of a magical day surfing in Morocco.

two camels waiting in front of the beach

old building beach front and pizzeria sign

flag of Morocco with guy resting in the beach and old building




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