Photo essay of the Pacific coast

On November we spent a weekend exploring the west coast of Jalisco in Mexico. Three days jumping from one beach to another, starting with the pro surfers paradise and its impressive 9ft waves, Boca de Pascuales. Then, the charming city of Barra de Navidad, where my grandfather spent his last years enjoying the waterfront and the tropical lifestyle. Finishing by the almost deserted beach of Boca de Iguanas where we spent a night camping front of the ocean. We enjoyed the solitude and sense of privacy on these places, that made us think about our experiences in New Zealand where in several occasions we spent sunsets at the beach completely alone, drinking some wine and beer.

It was very pleasing for us to repeat this, always the ocean has the power to replenish our energy and make us calm. We wanted to express these feelings through this short photo essay, and we hope to transmit these emotions to you.



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