If you are going to San Francisco…
We spent our days in San Francisco walking up and down its hills, from chinatown to Ocean beach, enjoying the ever appearing views of the Golden Gate. Soaking up the diversity of the city and withstanding one of the weirdest weathers of all time, as Mark Twain once said:
“The coldest winter I ever saw, was the summer I spent in San Francisco.”

Good Adresses

Saigon Sandwich (Terderloin)
Located just in the heart of San Francisco, this is the best deal you will probably find in the whole city, feast on one of the finest banh mi of your life for just $4.00 bucks! (vegetarian option available).

Super Duper Burgers (South of Market and Marina District)
After hundreds of burgers eaten all over the world, this is definitely one of the champions: the concept, price-quality relation flavor and service. We are tempted to say is the best of all time ! We will let you decide that.

Judahlicious (Sunset District)
Vegan healthy joint in a walking distance from Ocean Beach, we had a premium açai bowl for breakfast, everything else in the menu looked amazing.

We visited several coffees to get our daily caffeine dose (you know that this is very important for us) but we don’t share with you any of them. This as a protest to all the hipsters and weird manners of the people of SF, from the 6 coffee shops we visited NONE of them offered a WiFi connection, this was just unacceptable for us, specially when you are visiting the “tech” capital of the world…

Cool shops

General Store (Sunset District)
A cute concept store with beautiful books.

The best organic supermarket of United States. Go to check the beauty corner, you will want to buy everything!

Shops in Mission District
Hang around this neighborhood and you will find some cool shops.


It is an really expensive city and Wifi is hard to find.



  1. Excelentes vídeos y fotografías. A través de ese material, te dan ganas de ir a esos lugares por lo que transmiten emociones, sentimientos, VIDA. Felicidades, sigan mostrándonos nuestr o mundo.

    1. Merci beaucoup Olivier pour ton commentaire. C’est vrai que cette ville est top. On a juste trouvé qu’il y avait beaucoup de SDF, malheureusement comme dans toute la Californie. Ça reste iconique et c’était un plaisir de visiter.
      À bientôt,
      Floriane & Basilio

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