desert of tatacoa shapes orange green
Abstract shapes of Tatacoa

You know that we like a lot exploring the different deserts we find. Even in Colombia at the middle of the green of the jungle we managed to discover one. What we like to do while we are enjoying a desert, is to wait for the sunset time; find an epic spot and watch from there how the sun sinks down in the horizon, painting all the landscape in orange and fiery red tones, take some pictures and wait until we are surrounded by the night to walk back to wherever we are sleeping, having a nice balade under the stars. 


shapes of desert

cactus desert orange

woman hat white desert

drone view desert

breaking bad van

abstract shapes

woman white hat desert colors

men moto


sky grey shapes

How to get to Tatacoa desert?

1/ We were in Salento and we took a first bus to Armenia.
2/ Then, a night bus between Armenia and Neiva. It’s a little mountain road, the locals say the journey takes 8 hours but we were stuck between the mountains (because of the heavy rain) and we took around 15 hours to arrive to Neiva…
3/ Take a « colectivo » from Neiva to Villavieja, which is the last town before the desert. Some people walk from there to Tatacoa, but we thought it was quite far, so we decided to pay more to our driver to take us straight into our hotel on the desert.

Stuff to consider

There is almost nothing in Tatacoa, think about bringing some supplies, anything that is not basic (candies, bread, fresh fruit) you will probably not find it there ! We advice you to sleep next to the area of the « Desierto Rojo» and to rent a bike or have a horse ride to explore around. 


night light sky


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