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glimpse of the Cliffs and town of Polignano a Mare in the light of the sunrise

A glimpse of Puglia: Bari and Polignano a Mare

Due to our travel philosophy and the attractive price of the flights from Bordeaux to Puglia, we decided first to visit Italy to explore Bari and Polignano a Mare before taking a ferry to Albania, which was our main travel destination. Enjoy this first glimpse of Puglia: Bari and Polignano.
A glimpse of Puglia view of the balconies in Polignano
view of Porto Cala an the cliffs from the terrace of aquamarea hotel looking at the sea in Polignano

Polignano a Mare

Polignano is a breathtaking fisherman village erected above cliffs in the coast of the Adriatic Sea. With a white and limestone palette of buildings and beautiful views to offer, this town is located just 30 minutes away from Bari.

A glimpse of Puglia, sunset from aquamarea hotel
A glimpse of Puglia, stairway with written words and plants in Polignano
A glimpse of Puglia, decoration with plants on a white wall in Polignano
Things to do

City center

Walk around all the charming alleys and find the best view of the ocean; for us, it was Terrazza Balconata Lama Monachile for sunset time and Balconata Santo Stefano for sunrise. Admire the words of the local artist Guido Il Flaneur, who writes poetry and iconic phrases on the walls, stairs, and doors of the town.

A glimpse of Puglia, two man posing for the camera in Polignano
Building with door with a poem written on it on a balcony looking to the sea in Polignano a Mare
Letering on house hold items in the streets of Polignano
A glimpse of Puglia poems in house hold items
White church tower of Polignano

Swim in turquoise water with a view on the cliffs and the city

Cala Porto is the most famous and picturesque beach of the town, it’s worth to have a dip there to refresh yourself late in the afternoon. Be sure to explore the cave on the left side that will make you cross the cliff from the inside and take you to a natural diving platform. If you decide to jump, make sure there are no rocks under you.

A glimpse of Puglia, Cala Porto full of people

Experience a nice hotel during your stay

If like us you are spending there just a short amount of time, we think it is definitely worth to put some money in a nice hotel with a rewarding view of the sea.

We were invited to stay at Aquamarea Hotel, an incredible place with an unbeatable location, a clean and gorgeous design suggest a sober luxurious stay.
With only four rooms, we were offered the Aquapietra room, which is basically built into the rock of the cliff giving a feel of coziness and protection.

With delightful decoration touches, this was the perfect place for us to spend our night.

The hotel has two terraces with the best view in town, the first at ground level, for people looking to drink a beer or a coffee. The second, a rooftop overlooking the iconic Lama Monachile where the bar and restaurant are located.

During the evening we ordered some perfectly executed cocktails prepared by Giuseppe the mixologist, we sipped our drinks and had a board of cheese and antipasti enjoying an epic sunset.

The staff was top level and made our stay lovely, always greeting us with smiles and offering us their help. We were received warmly by Linda who made herself at our disposition and gave us some advice on what to do in the town.

Via Porto, 23, 70044
Polignano a mare
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girl siting in the bar of aquamarea hotel in Polignano
Balcony of the hotel aquamarea looking to the cliffs and sea in Polignano a Mare
Two cocktails at sunset in aquamarea hotel in Polignano a Mare
A glimpse of Puglia, breakfast at aquamarea hotel

Enjoy the Italian dolce vita

It’s the moment to chill out, grab an Aperol spritz or a local wine at a terrasse and watch the local life pass by right in front of your eyes. We recommend you La Vineria, the smallest and cutest bar we have ever seen, we took craft Italian beer and nice wine paired with olives and biscuits. Sat down at a table of the street to enjoy the nightlife.

A glimpse of Puglia man standing and talking outside a bar
espresso cup over a dount inside rosito Cafe in Polignano
View of the city over the cliffs and the blue sea of Polignano a Mare

Walk to Port’Alga

We started to walk very early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise. Go all along the coast road and prepare your best accent to say « Bon Giorno » to all the nonos walking in the street. On arrival, admire the authentic fisherman houses untouched by time, and the wooden boats floating in the little port.

Typical White buildings of Puglia next to a cactus
girl, cactus and boats in the sea at Port'alga in Puglia
A glimpse of Puglia, boat, sea and catus in Port'alga
How to get there?

From Bari, take a 30-minute train from the Central Station going in the direction of Fassano. Buy your tickets at a machine.
Cost : 2,5€ one way / person

View of the sea, cliffs and buildings from a balcony in Polignano


Apparently, most of the tourist skip Bari and do not take time to explore around, but we thought that spending an afternoon there will give us the opportunity to observe the authentic old Italian lifestyle which is a really cool thing to see.

Bari is quite a big city, we advise you to stay inside the walls of the fortified old town. It’s where you will see all the locals making their day: neighbors gossiping, nonas making orecchiette (fresh typical pasta) and kids playing on the street.

Don’t miss the church of Saint Nicola de Bari which is to our better knowledge the main attraction and features original architecture, big frescoes painted on the church’s tall ceilings and a huge underground tomb dedicated to the patron Saint Nicola.

women speaking in the streeets of Bari, A glimpse of Puglia
A glimpse of Puglia typical balcony in Bari
kid riding a bike, A glimpse of Puglia
Oriechette in Bari, A glimpse of Puglia

Where to eat in Bari?

Trattoria L’ Elfo

As Italian as it gets! Just enter, grab a sit and let the dance of amazing dishes arrive at your table even without asking for them. Authentic and delicious cuisine. Be sure to say yes to the Primitivo vino de la Casa.
It was 30€ for the two of us and credit cards are not accepted!

Trattoria L’elfo
Str. dei Gesuiti, 28/30

Panificio Fiore Bari

Go there to find presumably the best focaccia of all Italy, winner of the best focaccia in town contest for several years now. These guys know their stuff, continuing with a tradition of more than 500 years of making bread! Order a huge slice of focaccia for just some pocket change!

Panificio Fiore Bari
Str. Palazzo di Città, 38
A glimpse of Puglia, panificio Fiore and women standing outside in Bari
A glimpse of Puglia focaccia
How to go from Bari airport to the center?

It is easy, just going out of the airport go to the underground station and grab a direct train that takes 15 minutes and costs 5€ / person.

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Cliffs and turquoise water


  • 24 July 2019

    Puglia has been our Italian dream-destination for two years, i do hope we’ll make it next year on a vespa

  • 31 July 2019

    Une belle balade en italie. Toujours agreable de vous Suivre et de nous donner envie de visiter cette region.

  • 13 August 2019

    bellos pueblos blancos, donde ese contraste de agua turquesa debe ser expectacular…..quiero pan, besos.

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