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Guatape in 10 pictures

Guatape is a small Andean village located one hour to the east of Medellin, therefore, it attracts lots of tourists.

The reasons why this little town is so famous:

The majority of the houses are decorated with colorful bas-reliefs.
Piedra del Peñol, is a huge granite rock formation, that visitors climb using a 750 steps stairway.

Above all, the reward at the top is the magnificent 360 view of the area.

Once up, we can contemplate the man-made water reservoir: Peñol-Guatape.

Tuk-Tuk taxis exist to transport you from El Peñol to the center of Guatape.

Tip: share the tuk-tuk with other travelers to divide the cost.

View of the blue water of the guatape lakeview from the top of the penol, view of the stairway taken with a droneback of a girl with hat looking at the guatape water reservoirview of the street of guatape and the bas-relief

colorful houses of guatape with bas-reliefsgirl posing in front of a door in guatape with bas-reliefs

old men in a cafe

blue yellow green colorful door with bas-reliefs in guatape

hand holding a coffee cup in front of the bas- reliefs of guatape


  • 26 July 2018

    Me encanto el colirido de las fotos,muy interesante lugar,gracias por las referencias.
    Un beso y fuerte abrazo

  • 26 July 2018

    J’adore toutes les couleurs des maisons

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