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Guide to book a cheap flight – Cobalt State

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View from the window of a plane

Guide to book a cheap flight

Lots of people ask us tips to book cheap flights, and because lately we take a lot of planes, we have some good advice to give you.

Timing is important

Don’t be lazy to look for your flight in the late hours of the night or early in the morning. We don’t guarantee this is going to work, but it happened a few times for us, that we got a super deal during this midnight ticket hunts.

Trial and error

This is no exact science, sometimes booking in advance is cheaper. Sometimes not. But after almost 100 plane tickets bought this past 2 years, we noticed that weekend flights were more expensive compared to the ones in the middle of the week. Are you up for ticket shopping on a Tuesday?

Use a comparator

There is plenty of flight comparators out there, look for the one of you preference and use it! We personally like skyscanner. We check the flights there, but we always book directly on the website of the airline companies, this to avoid the booking fees.

Be diligent on the research

Check multiple airports and nearby cities. Sometimes you can have really good opportunities to another airport, one that you didn’t new it existed, but it is closer than you think of your final destination.

Be aware during your booking

The low cost companies always try to make you pay for everything, an insurance, extra space, lots of hidden costs that add up at the end! Don’t put the money booking a seat on the reservation page, let the website assign one for you, and later ask at the counter for a specific seat, if there is availability. Usually the crew members will be happy to help you with this.

The weight doesn’t matter

Don’t be afraid of lightweight travel, specially if you are going for a short trip; the 10 kg in the carry on bag should be enough, at least for a 2 week trip (personally I have made it for a whole month!). Sometimes it has to be done and you will save good money. Remember that traveling light is one of the best abilities a wanderer can develop. As a good friend once said : « a person cannot own/carry more than his back can bare and more than his heart can love ».

Book one way tickets

We never take the go and back tickets at the same time, round trips scare us! First we don’t like to have a ticket back (we never know what can happen) and second, from time to time it can be cheaper to process like this. Maybe you will have to take your way back with an other airline and with a different route. Remember: the round trip is not always the best option.

Be open for the date

Watch out for the high season! Big prices are at their peak. There is pros and cons for each season, it really depends on your taste, but we are sure that travelling during low season is cheaper. Don’t mind the rain or the winter, it is just another way to experience the place you are visiting. As a good piece of advice, think about the low season !

Don’t need to be strict about the destination

We often choose the place we visit depending on the price of the tickets. There is lots of new and interesting places, we are never stuck to one « dream » destination, as long as we stay on the road, moving, discovering and learning new things we are happy. This little secret has taken us to 15+ countries so far, so think about that to save money and discover a new destination!

Make your stopover count

This is one of our favorites. When there is no direct flight, why not taking advantages of the stopover and that window of  time to discover the city and its surroundings for a few days before taking the plane to your final destination. You will not regret discovering a new place and frequently it is cheaper to book 2 different flights.


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