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koh rong

We try an island life in Koh Rong

How many shades of blue can you see ? Fifty ? Can a place gather all of them ? We think we found that place, but how many shades of blue are there anyway ? Bungalow a few meters from the water, blue, sun coming hard on us, sky clear, also blue, translucent water, blue as well, we could call it aquamarine for the love of precision, but in the end another shade derived from a combination with green. Warm salty breeze, palm trees first row, kilometers of white sand until one’s eyes can see, the tide is so calm that the water can be confused with a lake, the mighty jungle spreading its green life all over the mountains in the background.

With the idea of just staying there 3 days, after a couple of minutes in the island, we had not even finished the check in when we decided to extend our stay for 7 more days.

koh rong


Early wake ups to admire the sunrise, and what sunrises ! Morning swims to start the day fresh, have a not so good waffle or a fried rice for breakfast, this, just in front of the sea. Easy to go back to the bungalow and spend the some hours there, in the couch outside, reading a book, talking to each other or just chilling admiring the view presented to our eyes. brainstorming ideas of how to spend the coming afternoon and where to eat, in our part of the island just 4 options, each one separated one kilometer for the other, by the third day there we had tried them all.


Adventures on the island, kayaking along the shore to discover other deserted beaches, snorkeling near the rocks expecting to see lots of underwater wildlife, not so much… return to our beach rowing hard against the wind to reach the shore again.

Walk to the little village located just around in the next bay, a not so nice creepy little place full of trash young backpackers looking to get wasted on cheap alcohol and fake magic brownies.

Our walk through the jungle to get to the so praised “Long Beach”, a 7 kilometers white sand beach, just to find a paradise being converted into a wasteland, the ongoing construction of a jetty with cero ecological standards. Walking we saw all the seven kilometers of  sand covered in trash, a new big bungalow complex being built by what seem to be overworked and underpaid workers, maybe this is the reality that people don’t see on tourist promotion.

Go for our late coffee to the restaurant “next door” a few minutes walk to the only place in our beach with a perco machine to make a decent espresso, work on the online project with the shitty WiFi connection. Go back to our restaurant to have a refreshing beer or perhaps a famous fruit shake, mango-pineapple ? Watermelon-mint ? Papaya-passion fruit ? Or just an orange juice ? Never with enough actual juice and diluted with a lot of ice, anyways pure freshness against the hardcore heat.


The pre sunset swim, amazing to cool off after the hot day, splash in our shallow pool that other people call the sea, just chilling in the water watching the time pass by and see the sun setting on the back of the mountains, the sky painted with the most wonderful colours one can imagine, just after the sun disappeared we went out, you know better be careful of weird night ocean creatures!


Although we were having early dinners because of the light disappearing with the setting sun at 18:30, we were staying up quite late, leaving time pass, waiting for the lights of the hotels in the shore to go out and then head to the ocean to have a night swim with the photo luminous plankton! What an experience, moving our legs and arms under water and watch a bluish neon light come out of the foam and bubbles ! Then… Bonne nuit.

Final words
Is it possible to live this life for the rest of our days ? Certainly doesn’t sound bad, but after 10 days of enjoying a little too much we had to continue our adventure, to discover new beautiful places our planet has to offer. We say goodbye and you stay in our memories Koh Rong, but we will find another paradisiac island to anchor for a good time.


  • 19 June 2017

    De verdad las fotos increibles, me gusta mucho los tonos y la luz de las fotos del horizonte, me encantan como fotografos los felicito y quiero un monton.

  • 19 June 2017

    Toujours de belles photos, un endroit qui fait envie. Et ces dégradés, de gris et de bleus c’est magnifiiiiiique.

  • 19 June 2017
    Maria Esther

    Hola Basi y Floriane. Con esas fotos del horizonte y del mar dan ganas de viajar con ustedes. Quiero una amplificación de uña foto que me encanta de Nueva Zelanda después te digo cual. Que la pasen muy bien en su nuevo destino

  • 19 June 2017
    Danny C.


  • 20 June 2017
    Alex Papadakis

    I just love the idea of spending a few days on a quiet island with unbeatable scenery and ocean waters with a wide range of blue tones where you can start and finish the day with a relaxing swim.
    Watching luminous plankton in dark ocean waters sounds awesome!

  • 20 June 2017
    Maria Larrinaga

    Logran trasmitir en sus fotos la calma y y paz del lugar asi como la de sus corazones, un abrazo grande a los dos!

  • 20 June 2017

    increible! me encantan todos los lugares que visitan

  • 20 June 2017
    tia irene

    Basi y Florian que padrisimas fotos ,y lo mejor de todo es como lo estan disfrutando,saludos por alla

  • 22 June 2017

    Hermosos lugares y magnificas fotos, gracias por compartir tanta belleza.

    Besos a los dos!!

  • 3 July 2017

    Que fotos y que lugares tan increíbles¡¡¡¡¡¡ Basi quitate esa barba.. si tienes una cara linda y no se te ve.

  • 17 July 2017

    Muy buenas fotos. Me encantan los contrastes con los que juegas: los de colores; naturaleza vs hombre; lo nuevo, lo viejo; las pasiones, la tranquilidad.

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