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desert of tatacoa shapes orange green

Abstract shapes of Tatacoa

We love to explore deserts.

A desert in the middle of the Colombian green jungles?

As improbable as it sounds, we managed to find an extraordinary one.

The Tatacoa desert.

We have a simple formula to enjoy deserts, it goes like this:
Firstly, find an epic spot with a glorious view.
Secondly, wait for the sunset time sipping beers( if possible).
Lastly, savor and watch from that very point how the sun sinks down in the horizon, painting all the landscape in orange and fiery red tones.

Certainly, all this process involves taking pictures.
After that, wait until we are surrounded by the night to walk back to wherever we sleep, having a nice stroll under the stars. 

shapes of tatacoa desert

view of shapes and desert of tatacoa with cactus and grey sky

girl with hat lost in the abstract shapes of tatacoa desert

abstract shapes of tatacoa desert seen from the top taken with a drone

breaking bad van in the desert

abstract shapes and formations of the tatacoa desert

front girl with hat lost in the desert

old guys with hats riding a moto


sunset with clouds in the tatacoa desert shapes

How to get to Tatacoa desert?

1/ We parted from Salento, so we took the first bus to Armenia.
2/ Then, a night bus between Armenia and Neiva.
A mountain road, locals say the journey usually takes 8 hours, but we got stuck at the top because of the heavy rain, that made it a 15 hours trip to arrive at Neiva.
3/ Take a « colectivo » from Neiva to Villavieja, which is the last town before the desert.
Some people walk from there to Tatacoa, we think is quite far, so just pay more to the driver to take you straight into your hotel in the desert.

Stuff to consider

There is not a lot going on in Tatacoa so bring your own supplies, anything that is not basic (candies, bread, fresh fruit) certainly you will not find it there!
We advise you to sleep next to the area of the « Desierto Rojo» and to rent a bike or have a horse ride to explore around. 

sheep being herd by a boy in a motorcycle

sunset and motocicle riding


  • 11 September 2018


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