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Map of mexico showing how to travel with passport books and glasses

Philosophy of travel

So you like traveling too? Let us explain the way Cobalt State does it!
It is no mystery for anybody that we travel. And, we travel a lot.

Traveling in couple

We are an international couple that enjoys being on the road. We backpack around the world on a budget, we like to spend a few months traveling and then stop for a fixed amount of time in other place to rest, work, save money and then attack the next destinations on our bucket list.

Slow Travelers

There is a big law in travel: slow is best.
We consider ourselves slow travelers, this means that we really like to immerse completely in the countries and cultures we visit, getting soaked with the way of living and by the end of our trip get the feeling that we are familiar with the place, the local people, their costumes and traditions and the country’s culinary world. We prefer to visit 4 countries in 2 months than 6 countries in 15 days. We think this last way of doing it has not enough depth, we are definitely not in a rush.


We are truly backpackers, we chose to travel this way, with just what we can fit in our backpacks and only the weight that we can carry. We think this is the most practical way to do it and is how we can get the most out of traveling experiences. Mobility is one of the things we value the most while we are exploring around.

We are all about nature, art, design and trendy places to have a coffee, a cocktail and licking finger food.

We have been traveling for a while now, and at the age of 27 we don’t have the same standards than when we were 18. Now, we like to put the money of our budget (an average of $20-25 per person and per day) in things that will give us a little bit more comfort and things that we really enjoy doing. We value quality more than quantity.

  • We stopped sleeping in 20 people dorms long time ago, we prefer the privacy of a single room in an hostel (we totally recommend hostels for new travellers) or a guesthouse, and we use a lot Airbnb.
  • We discovered that the simple free things bring us the most of happiness. We don’t need to spend lots of money in expensive activities to have a great time! We like to enjoy things our own way: a visit to the local market to taste the original food, or a walk around a public art exhibition of the city, go and climb up a hill that is in front of us and find the perfect spot for the sunset, do wild camping and enjoy making a fire during the evening.
  • Decent drinks and cocktails are a must for us, is something we like a lot and we always put some money aside for it, we cannot drink the cheap over the counter alcohol that we find in dodgy turistic bars. We usually go to find a super nice cocktail bar or go in the adventure of discovering a new speakeasy. We rather have 2 nice cocktails than 10 cheap ones.
  • Spending time in the nature is very valuable to us, it is cheap most of the times, and, like we said before, a camping trip or a walk around the mountains will always be on our favorite and most uplifting things to do.
  • We care about our health, means even if we like a lot the street food, we pay attention to not eat too much junk. We love food! This is a huge one for us, finding trendy coffees and nice places to eat.

Long term travelers

We are curious, we want to take risks, see wonderful things, meet interesting people, explore the world and learn as much as we can. We think travel provides everyone with the opportunity to learn more about the planet and, most important, learn about ourselves.

Come discover with us.


  • 7 February 2018

    J.ai bien aimé le style de ce post. Des conseils avisés.

  • 7 February 2018

    Me gusta mucho su estilo de viajar y sobre todo que buscan empaparse de las culturas que van conociendo; eso enriquece más la experiencia. Saludos desde Ciudad Juárez!!

  • 7 February 2018

    Très agréable, je me reconnais beaucoup dans ce que vous dites.

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