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teal water woman swimming

Teal water, white sand and palm trees — Mucura

palm trees sky

on the beach table colors teal water

fisherman boat teal water

drone view boats

beach coconut teal water

water from above

basilio on the beach coconut hat man

woman water coconut turquoise bikini


If you decide to visit the islands on the Caribbean, keep in mind that it is really expensive ! We absolutely wanted to spend time on a paradise beach, so we slept one night on Isla Mucura. If you go there looking for a cheap waterfront accommodation, you can forget about it, even sleeping in a hammock will have an elevated cost (compared to the average price of a hammock). If like us you are feeling fancy or get completely hypnotized by the beauty of this area and decide to ignore the prices, here are some tips. 

Get to Santiago de Tolu by bus. If you don’t arrive early, you can spend the night there and enjoy the busy nightlife on the beach front. Next morning you can catch the boat that will bring you to the islands. The cost of the boat is 60,000 COP per person for a round trip. For your return inland, you will have to pre-arrange with your boat company the time and date (depending on how many days you plan to stay on the island).

The journey can take around 2 hours, we arrived in Mucura around 11:00 am and started looking for a place to sleep straight away. This was not a very difficult mission as we walked all the turn of the island in less than an hour. There is pretty much 4 hotels/bungalows where you can sleep. Everything has an elevated price, going from the highest at “luxury” hotel Punta Faro which was out of our budget. We choose to sleep at Hostal Isla Mucura, with the medium price tag. The cheapest you will find will be the rooms in the little fisherman village, Puerto Caracol. 

The food can get boring, and if you are not on top of the people that serve your fish, you can be charged crazy amounts of money for a “below standard” meal. This, of course, just for looking like a tourist. We advise you to bring as much food as you can from Tolu and prepare for yourself a better lunch.

wharf view drone water teal trees

drone view teal water boat palm trees

drone photo line water palm trees huts

palm trees hut isla

woman hut palm trees bikini

woman bikini princesse tam tam palm trees sunset

palm trees sunset


  • 12 June 2018

    Super les chambres sur pilotis.

  • 26 June 2018

    Floriane, bellísima como siempre y espectaculares las imágenes con el Dron.

  • 17 July 2018

    Wah les photos sont dingues !

  • 4 November 2018

    J’adore, c’est pour mon prochain voyage. Merci

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