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Corfu old Town seen from the top at sunset, weekend in Greece

Weekend in Greece: things to do in Corfu

Our time in Corfu was short ! Only with two and a half days, we managed to immerse ourselves in the greek culture and in the colorful island life that Corfu exudes. We loved it so much there that we swore to return and spend more time. Soon.

Street with a view, things to do in Corfu
Pink church and bells, weekend in Greece
Girl between the plants in the streets of Corfu
Buildings of corfu, weekend in Greece
Old man driving a scooter, things to do in Corfu

Where to stay?

Puppet Guest House

Before even arriving most visitors will be posed with the question of where to stay on the island, whether is it inside the old town of Corfu or in one of the hundreds of resorts spread all along the coast.

If, like us, you don’t have a lot of time on the isle we recommend you to stay in the old town which is centric. Because it is the economic center of the island it is well connected to all the other points of interest around.

We were invited to sleep in Puppet guest house, located in the heart of the old town. George and her niece Christie gave us a warm Greek welcome and made our stay really pleasurable. The hotel has only 3 rooms, each with a balcony overlooking the city. All of them decorated with a sober personal taste and full attention to detail.

On the ground floor, there is the cafe-bar, a lovely space filled with the owner’s rare liquor collection and animated by exquisite tunes.

During the morning it is in this same area that the delicious top quality breakfast is served. We used this time to speak with George, who gave us great recommendations about what to do and ended up being our plan for the day, which unfolded greatly.

Puppet Guest House
Evaggelistrias 1,
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Facade of Puppet guest house with two people in the reflection.
First Ray's of sunlight touching the bed in Puppet guesthouse,, things to do in Corfu
Breakfast, fruit salad, coffee, orange juice and croissants at puppet guest house, weekend in Greece
Girl sipping orange juice in a balcony while having breakfas, weekend in Greece

What to do in Corfu island?

Corfu Old Town

Inscribed in the Unesco patrimony you can easily spend hours and hours strolling around the maze of crooked streets and discovering all sorts of hidden corners.

We went to walk very early in the morning when the town is still asleep. Like that, we enjoyed the scenes of deserted streets and the good light of the sunrise.

If you don’t have a good sense of orientation, be sure to bring a map or your phone to find your way back to your hotel. It is easy to lose the orientation with so many little alleys to explore. If you don’t have a map, well, good luck deciphering the names of the streets written in Greek!

Have a drink chilling at Liston esplanade and see peoople go by along the main pedestrian boulevard. Grab a cozy bench between the columns at Josephine cafe.

Arch formations in the streets of Corfu
Bwtween buildings in Corfu's old town.
Pay telephone against a rock wall, what to do in Corfu.
Alley in Corfu, with graffiti on the walls, weekend in Greece
People swimming in the ocean. Things to do in Corfu
Man walking up a White set of stairs.
Woman walking through an Alley under White hanging clothes
The scouts basketball court seen from above. Things to do in Corfu

A day trip to Paleokastritsa

According to locals, this is the most beautiful part of this island. To arrive there we took the Green bus that is located in a terminal near the airport (10 minutes drive or 25 minutes walking from Corfu’s center). The bus takes around 1 hour to arrive at Paleokastritsa.

Cliffs and beach of the Adriatic sea seen from a boat, things to do in Corfu
Man driving a yellow boat on the Adriatic sea
View of the Adriatic sea and caves, weekend in Greece

Rent a boat

Once there, certainly the best activity to do is to rent a boat for the whole day and explore all the beaches of the area by yourself. The most amazing part is that you don’t need a boating license to rent and drive the boat (wtf, right ?!).

We rented ours with the Yellow Submarine. We crossed a really easy and straightforward process of paperwork and signing the contract before going to the boat. On the bay, our instructor Andreas explained to us all the basic skills and reassured us previous to departing on the adventure.

Don’t forget to bring at least a whole meal for a picnic and a good supply of water. Because you will spend your day under the sun, diving between sandy rocky beaches and caves in the waters of the Ionic sea.

Prices start around 50 € for the day + petrol consumption.
Just cash accepted.
Here, we leave you the link of the company if you want to plan your trip and become the captain of your own boat for a day.
Girl sitting on a yellow boat, weekend in Greece
Girl coming out of the blue water to breath, weekend in Corfu
View of the Adriatic sea and a pointy cliff, weekend in Greece
Cliffs of the Adriatic sea seen from a boat, things to do in Corfu
man floating in the blue water,

Monastary of Paleokastritsa

We finished the day by climbing up to the monastery at the top of the hill, which is quite photogenic and offers great views over the sea. The plus : the monastery is full of cats 🐈 ❤️).

View of the cliffs and the Adriatic sea, weekend in Greece
Girl covering her shoulders with a flower shal to get inside the monastery, things to do in Corfu
Bells inside the monastery, things to do in Corfu

If you want to eat something: there are lots of restaurants around. We had a strong recommendation about restaurant Akron, but we didn’t have the time to try it.

View of the Adriatic sea, weekend in Greece
Teal water of the coast of Corfu, a weekend in Greece

Where to eat in Corfu Old Town?


Know as well as “ΤΟ ΤΣΙΠΟΥΡΑΔΙΚΟ ΕΚΤΟΣ ΣΧΕΔΙΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΟΤΙ ΠΡΟΚΥΨΕI”. Located in a back street of the old town, you can share tasty mezze (greek tapas) and drinks in a lively terrace full of locals.

Prosalendou 41,
People having dinner at a restaurant, things to do in Corfu
Plate served at dinner, things to do in Corfu


Don’t get scared if you see the menu in 6 languages, it’s not a tourist trap. It is actually a low budget option with great family recipes and lots of choices. Be advised, the portions are big!

Stamatiou Desila 13,
Old man walking infront of a fruit stand in Corfu's old town, weekend in Greece
Stand of a grocery store displaying squash and pumpkins, things to do in Corfu

Pane e Souvlaki

We had a good reference of Pane e Souvlaki. For our first-night dinner we had dolmades at Fish e Souvlaki (the brother restaurant) and it was great. For sure the rest of the menu is as well.

Pane e Souvlaki
Gkilford 77,
Man pointing in two directions.
Inside of a butchery, weekend in Greece
Racks of a fruit market in the middle of Corfu's old town. a weekend in Greece

Where to have a drink / a coffee ?


Right in the middle of the action, the area around Puppet is very animated with lots of bars and night joints.

The ambiance with the carfully selected music and the curated collection of alcohol bottles make this public house stand out from the competition.

Bar of Puppet guest house, weekend in Greece
White cocktail posed on the bar next to a green lamp in Puppet guest house, things to do in Corfu

Cafe Tierra

Marvelous minimalist interior and delicious speciality coffee. We had an expresso with the advice of the barista.

Cafe Tierra
Kapodistriou 8,
Man beside a green car outside Tierra cafe, weekend in Greece
Reflection of a girl inside Tierra cafe
wooden bar of Tierra cafe

How to get there ?

➞ By plane. The airport is located close to the city center and has international connections to a bunch of main cities in Europe.
➞ By boat. We arrived from Albania in a two-hour ferry departing from Sarandë (Cost : around 20€ / person).

Woman laying down in a bench tanning, things to do In Corfu
Chairs of a ferry with the ocean and Corfu Island in the background, and weekend in Greece


Learn the basics of the language : Kalimera (good morning) / kalispera (good afternoon) / epharistos (thank you) / Parakalo (please).

Go shop the curated pieces of Greek Designers from the concept store Muses, right in the heart of Corfu.

Inside of a red vintage car, weekend in Corfu
Pots planted with plants infront of a blue door, weekend in Greece
view of the curch between two tables, things to do in Corfu.
Street with yellow buildings in Corfu's old town. things to do in Corfu.
Old lady pulling a shopping cart up the stairs, weekend in Greece
Group of old people siting around a table drinking coffee in Corfu's old town. A weekend in Greece

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