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where to stay on the road airbnb

Where to stay on the road ?

Have you ever found yourself stressing out about your next travel? Planning long itineraries and activities to do around? On top of that you have to book all your nights for the different places you are going to visit? Not sure where is the best place for your accommodation? Don’t panic! We have been in that same situation, and a few years ago when we started traveling, these decisions were giving us a hard time as well. Now, with tons more of travelling experience we want to share with you this piece of advice on where you can stay while you travel. All this, just to make your life easier and you can enjoy your trip to the maximum.

Hostel / Hotel

These ones are the classic and obvious and probably would be the first choice for the majority of people. But keep in mind that is not your only option so read on to learn other ways to deal with your night’s sleep during your trip.

When we stay in a hostel / hotel we don’t book everything online beforehand we do it one day before or the same day that we need to stay (watch out for the high season of the places you visit, everything could to be fully booked).
We like to use the app Booking for this, if there is a good discount on the places we are interested in, we book through the app. Sometimes we get some really good deals! Otherwise, we compare, check and grab the informations and we go physically to the place to ask for a room.
Beware, when using the app Booking, if there is no promotion or discount, most of the time it will be more expensive because of the company fees.

When you sleep in a hostel getting a shared dorm will be the cheapest. But, as a couple we don’t do that anymore (we slept in countless dorms before). Now, we prefer to pay for a double room. And, most of the time it is less expensive to sleep in a budget hotel than in a double room in an hostel. Anyway, sleeping in a hostel is always fun because you will meet new people !

If you stay longer than a week in the same hostel, ask to the reception, most of the time they will give you a better price.

What we like to do as well, from time to time is to level up our budget for one or two nights and stay in a nicer place with more comfort.

You can use our Booking link to win $15 for your next travel.


Air Bnb

We love Air bnb! Most of the time, we use it in big cities (Barcelona, Bangkok, Auckland, Glasgow). We love to have the experience of being in a real house, with local people that will share with us the tips and secret bars of the city (you will not get this advice in a hostel).
Staying in an Air bnb will give you considerably more comfort than a hostel, specially talking about facilities, like a kitchen, lounge, own shower and washing machine.

One of our best experiences in Airbnb was a time we became good friends with the owner and she invited us to drink wine! Overall we are very happy with this platform, we can say we are frequent users and we never had a bad experience. (Be sure to check if the house you are staying has a WiFi connection, yes in 2018 there is some people without internet).

We share with you as well our link for Airbnb, use it to win $15 the next time you book through the app.


Camping / Wild Camping

We have a tent and we like to use it! Being in direct contact, and sleeping in the nature it is one of the experiences we enjoy the most. So yes, we plan camping trips as well! Like the 3 weeks we spent in Scotland, where we camped all around the place (you can learn more about that in this link).

Wild camping refers to camp just there, in the nature, in the place that convinces you the most, without a delimited and controlled area. (Be careful with the regulations, it is different for each country, and if this is not legal you can get into trouble).
On the other hand, wild camping is not allowed in most parts of the world, when you happen to be in one of this countries, make sure to find a legal and authorized camping site, also to comply with the rules they have, and pay the fees. It is the right thing to do and it will give you peace of mind, and longer sleeping hours. If a Ranger discovers you stayed overnight without paying, you will have trouble and you will get fined.

We want to share this platform, Gamping, where we had great experiences, we refer to it as the “Airbnb of camping”, so that being said, you can imagine what it is all about. Simply put, somebody offers a safe place to camp (check good for the facilities they have), and you see the photos, description, and if you like it, you rent it! We think it is really cool and the last spot we rented was just awesome as well as the owner. Go check it out!



This was a big discovery for us and we think the concept behind is really cool. It gives the user the opportunity to stay at someone’s home, taking care of their house, their pets and plants, while they are away on vacation. You can find several platforms that will help you find this type of exchange, each one with different terms and conditions. The one that fitted the most with us was: Mind my House. We used it in Paris and we had a great experience over all.

There were a few details that we found across all platforms, that can make some people discard this option immediately, like for example the length of some stays are over 2 or 3 months, or as well you will find a lot of the houses are in the countryside far away from civilization. Otherwise if you don’t have any problem with this, you may be interested in this concept. Enjoy discovering it!


Friends’ / Family’s place

One of the coolest advantages of traveling is that the friends you make along the way are very likely to host you for couple nights if you happen to be visiting the city they live in or their hometown. Because now we start to have friends all around the world, we go to visit them and usually have a place to stay. When we stay in their houses, we like to prepare dinner for them with a bottle of wine, this as a thank you symbol.

Don’t hesitate to ask on facebook if you have friends or friends-of-friends who can have an extra bed or a couch in the city you visit. Sometimes it will work and you will meet new people, and if it doesn’t work you can go grab a friendly drink and catch up with an old buddy.



  • 13 March 2018

    Génial tous ces conseils. Et en plus nous faire bénéficier d’une remise. C.’est cool. Nous avons pratiqué Booking.com et Airbnb. Et c’est très bien. Vous avez oublié : dormir dans une voiture louée.

  • 23 March 2018

    Voy a Aguascalientes, Mx. que me recomiendas????? Muy buena información.

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