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Founded in 2017, Cobalt State is a creative media studio and magazine mixing art direction and visual narratives highlighted by the production of elegant images.

Floriane dupont and basilio papadakis portrait
About Us

Our Philosophy

At the studio, a big passion drives us for a fresh approach to storytelling, using photography, graphic design and videography to convey your brand’s values. An exceptional amount of skill and work is put into every design and brand content project. Giving attention to simple things and graceful moments in Cobalt State, we draw inspiration from travel and encounters of everyday life. With an astute eye and a great deal of diligence, we share original and honest stories about people we encounter and places visited.
We spotlight our vision of freedom, evasion, and enjoyment of life through our images.

Aesthetics and an exquisite editorial line are our soul.

basilio papadakis floriane dupont

We work closely with labels, -especially in the realm of travel, fashion, and lifestyle- to create content that highlights the singularity and the essence of their brand. Inside the studio, we guide brands in defining and creating particular identity strategies through captivating content conceived around their values and history.

Why Cobalt State?
Our paramount intention when creating Cobalt State was to capture remarkable moments and transmit authentic and inspiring stories. Your story.

Our process
The first step is the recognition of the brand’s beliefs and character, basically, what makes them who they are.Then, encompassing those ideals, we design visual elements through colors, shapes, and typography, that will help to highlight those beliefs.

After, with sharp attention to detail during the creative process, we ensure visual integrity and coherence, respecting the narrative and message that your brand wants to deliver.

By respecting this course of action, we guarantee the finest work quality and a top customer experience for our clients.

The magazine
Through our passions and our visual influences, we fabricate good taste and creative stories around travel.The image, whether static or mobile, takes a large place in our concept. We ensure a graphic and colorimetric coherence in the production of our images, imprinting a well developed style of contemporary travel photography, tinted with wild spaces, architecture, minimalism and street photography.

Our editorial style is unique, we mix travel diaries, stories of lived experiences and advice by placing creativity and authenticity as our top values. Our major themes are road-trips, adventure, city guides, and alluring addresses.

The duo

We are Floriane Dupont and Basilio Papadakis, two passionate souls in the research of beauty and adventure. Since the foundation of the studio in 2017 our lives have changed drastically for the better, taking us all over the world working with clients from all backgrounds, sizes, and nationalities. In the present, after slowing the traveling rampage we are now working hard and permanently based between France and Mexico, waiting patiently for a free weekend to escape and explore new destinations.

We are ready and available to work with you and your project in all the corners of the planet.

2018, France, Toulon,

“Toulon Forever 2018”

2018, Mexico, Guadalajara,
Prototipo Cero Shop
“Summer vibes”

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