We are Floriane and Basilio.

Photography and traveling are two of our dearest passions. Around Asia, on our first adventure together, we decided to make a life change and give us a chance to do what we love the most.
A couple months later we were launching our travel project. Since then, we traveled to 5 continents, with our laptops and our cameras, filming and documenting through our experience — and we want to share all that with you.
We think of us as slow travelers, we like to really immerse ourselves in every country we visit and get soaked in the mood of the place, trying to experience its life and its culture, all while enjoying its most beautiful and thrilling experiences.
We want to make sure you have the best adventure by providing expert insight.
On this webzine, you will find writing, fine art, and photography guides full of advice and good tips. So, it can help you with your next travel to enjoy your trip and make the most out of your money and experience. All this with the charm of our personal touch and taste!
For the past three years we have lived and traveled abroad, spending a lot of time in New Zealand, South East Asia and Europe, if you are headed to any of those places, then you ’ll find here photos and advice that may help you along the way.

 Where Cobalt State has been?

“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there.” — Gandalf, Lord of the Rings



Interview Voyage et Photographie avec Cobalt State,
by Guillaume Servos (in French)


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by Guillaume Servos (in French)

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by Nineteen (in French)

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Article Ville du Maroc, entre terracotta et bleu,
written for Stotte Magazine (in French)

Bucket List,

Yes, we have the travel bug and here we show you a list of the top destinations we would want to visit in the near future.

In Europe
+ Feel the vibes of a Nordic city as Copenhagen
+ Go back to Iceland and explore the northeast of the country
+ Admire the monster wave in Nazare, and the city of Lisboa, Portugal
+ Faroe Islands

In the Americas
+ Greenland
+ Hawai
+ Vancouver, Canada
+ Patagonia, Argentina
+ The Machu Picchu in Peru

In Asia and Oceania
+ Take the mythic train Transsiberian
+ Ouzbekistan
+ Hiking few days in Nepal
+ Go back to Bali and discover the rest of Indonesia
+ Viet Nam
+ Taiwan
+ Hong Kong
+ India
+ Go to see our friends in Australia

In Africa and Indien Ocean
+ Namibia
+ La Réunion
+ Madagascar