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Our year 2017 in review

We like making list, it organises our thoughts and highlights key goals. Here is the time to do a review of the past year. 2017 was amazing. In 2017 we created Cobalt State and a community that grows day by day. Before talking about our expectations for 2018, our bucket lists, projects and resolutions ; let’s see what happened in 2017.

Where we have been in 2017 ?

5 continents visited ⎪13 countries visited⎪17 planes⎪7 trains⎪5 boats⎪at least 15 scooters⎪5 cars

In our mind it was not a world tour, or, at least, it didn’t started like that, but after a few turns around here, and some itinerary changes around there, we ended up 5 continents of Earth and it was pretty cool.

  • We started the year in New Zealand the 1st of January 2017. Basilio finishing his working holiday visa, and Floriane going back as a tourist.
  • Then, after few weeks in Malaysia (for Basilio) and in France (for Floriane) we travelled in South-East Asia : Thailand (living Songkran, the Thai New Year), Cambodia and Laos.
  • Beginning of summer we arrived in France and spent the next months exploring Europe : France (South-East, Alps, Paris, Brittany), had a crush for the spanish city of Barcelona, traveled in London and went to see our friends in Scotland, finishing the summer by spending few weeks in Morocco.
  • End of September, on our way to Mexico, we spent 2 days road triping in Iceland and 4 days exploring Montreal. Two exceptional places.
  • Arrived in Mexico beginning of October, went in the extreme north at the border with United States (Chihuahua), exploring the states of Jalisco (around Guadalajara and the Pacific coast), Michoacan (living the 1st of November, El dia de los Muertos) and Colima. To finish, in Chihuahua to celebrate Christmas.
  • Now we are living in Guadalajara.


Our favorite trip of 2017

It is truly complicated to choose one trip because lots of the countries crossed in 2017 are amazing and are really important for us. New Zealand will stay special to us, as it is the place where we met and where all this travel adventure started but New Zealand was on 2016. Showing to each other our respective country was a highlight as well.

Because it enchanted us and made us promise that we were going back, because it was on the way between our two countries, because it was powerful, short and unexpected, our favorite trip of 2017 was : Iceland.

A 38 hours road trip in Iceland
“The plan was to follow the road 1 until Vik and to explore all what we could in between. That’s how we arrived at midnight, rented a car and headed…”


Cobalt State’s 2017

The year zero, the year of the beginning. We started thinking about a name in our house back in Auckland, creating the logo, opening the Instagram and the Facebook pages in January and the website in May.
We improved week after week in our ways to create and take pictures, worked hard to develop our own style and ink it to our work, to write and to always propose you documented and interesting articles.

We wanted to share stories from around the world. We wanted to inspire you to travel or just make you dream during your break at work. But most important, we wanted to encourage you to find what you want to do and be happy to do it.

We still do.

The 3 articles you have preferred in 2017

New Zealand — North Island in 25 pictures

“It is difficult to resume New Zealand or at least one of its islands, in this case the North Island, with a number of photos to fit a small article…”


New Zealand — Escape Auckland

“As we said in our previous Auckland post, one of the thing that we enjoyed the most of living there is the location of the city, which is really near…”

Cambodia — We try an island life in Koh Rong

“How many shades of blue can you see ? Fifty ? Can a place gather all of them ? We think we found that place, but how many shades of blue…”


Our bucket list travel in 2018

We have lots of ideas and we often change at the last minute but here are some of our wishes for this year :

Center and South Mexico
We start the year in Mexico and in January we will explore the Yucatan between his amazing beaches and the Mayan Culture
We would like to go spend few days in Mexico City, take the vibes of the capital, see the house of Frida Kahlo…
Maybe going back on the pacific coast to see the turtles and the whales. And have a day trip to Tequila to drink !

Costa Rica
A trip for the end of February !

A road Trip between the North of Mexico and the South of United States
In April, we are planning a trip in Chihuahua State (Creel and the ruins Paquime…), in Texas (El Paso, Marfa…), in New Mexico (White Sand Dunes…) and may be, why not Arizona ?

Few months backpacking
We don’t know yet where we are gonna flight and spend few months backpacking. Maybe it will be South America, maybe it will be Indonesia and Australia ?

Because in 2017 in our search of the eternal summer we didn’t had the chance to ski, we really want to enjoy the snow in the Alps next winter.

What will be new for Cobalt State in 2018

  • We are creating a newsletter to send you the news directly in your email inbox!
  • We are developing a shop with our limited edition prints (support your local artist!)
  • We are going to finish to write all our past trips that we definitely want to share with you: South East Asia (Myanmar, Angkor Temples in Cambodia, South Laos);
  • We want to develop a tab “tips”/“resources” to give you helpful advice!
  • We want to do a lot more video production;
  • We are thinking about buying a drone!

If you have ever read one of our publications, or sometimes you pass by to visit our page to get inspired, you are a part of our community and we’d love to hear from you and stay in touch se we can offer you valuable content. Any suggestions ?

Happy New Year. Creativity and Love.


  • 5 January 2018

    Me encanto sus comentarios,que tengan buen viaje,espero verlos pronto antes de k regresen a sus andadas.
    Un fuerte abrazo y todo mi cariño besos

  • 8 January 2018

    Très beau résumé de 2017, riche de découvertes, de lumières, de couleurs.. merci de nous faire partager vos voyages.

  • 8 January 2018

    Happy New Year and…. Enjoy !

  • 9 January 2018

    Buen resumen, y aun mucho por ver, que el a%o 2018 y sus viajes sean increibles!. Espero llegen pronto esos fabulosos relatos, que claro invitan a so%ar y sobre todo a viajar, mucha suerte.. Un fuerte abrazo.

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